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Find email sent to group w/ no members?

By buschman_007 ·
So my HR dept put up an ad for a job opening. Resumes were to be sent to But she called me when she hadn't seen any resumes after a few days. The mailbox belongs to a group called "HR Admin". This group had no members at the time. Obviously I added the hr person so any future e-mails would be deleivered. But I'm wondering if users who sent in their resumes in prior to that got an NDR or not? Also, since there are no members of the group is Exchange holding that e-mail anywhere?

I thought maybe in badmail, and even read up on a few sites where you could dump badmail into the live queue and it would "retry". But this wasn't the case for me and not only did the badmail sit in the live queue, but the mail destined for was not reattempted for deleivery to the HR Admin group.

So I guess I'm looking for any advice on if these messages are anywhere on my Exchange server where I can retrieve them and suggestions on how to do that. Also did Exchange kick an NDR out to the people sending resumes to us?


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by buschman_007 In reply to Find email sent to group ...

I forgot to add one piece. In tracking the e-mails through Exchange System Manager I get the following entries from one of the e-mails sent prior to my adding a member to the group:

SMTP: Message Submitted to Advanced Queuing
SMTP: Started Message Submission to Advanced Queue
SMTP: Message Submitted to Categorizer

Perhaps this will help someone or maybe jog a memory ot two.

Thanks again for any assitance.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Find email sent to group ...

If there was a mailbox with that name they should be in there even without a actual user involved.

As I've only used Apache in situations like this and knowing how MS works if there was no available Mailbox then the Messages should have been bounced back to the sender as undeliverable mail with a message to that effect.


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by buschman_007 In reply to

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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by robgwilcox In reply to Find email sent to group ...

Exchange did what you asked of it. The mail was addressed to the email address. The message arrived at the categorizer which looked up where it needs to send that mail to, or what it needs to do. It works out that it's a distribution list, and expands it to see who the members are. There are none.

It then sends the mail/delivers the mail to "all those people", ie no-one.

It did exactly what you asked it to do, which unfortunately in this case means that the mails are lost.. as they've delivered to 0 mailboxes.

It's strange, I know, but it's also logical. There is just simply no check in the code to ensure that the delivery takes place to >0 mailboxes. There is simply no such check.

Rob Wilcox

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by buschman_007 In reply to

Also thank you for taking time out. Unfortunately you are right those e-mails are lost. I appreciate the cander.

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by buschman_007 In reply to Find email sent to group ...

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