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    Find Gator & Seti


    by william.a.burns ·

    I want to show the boss how much LAN/WAN traffic is non-work related. I want to see not only the amount of traffic but the specific destination of the traffic. For example Gator or Seti etc. etc.

    What sniifer or setup do I need??

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      Reply To: Find Gator & Seti

      by joseph moore ·

      In reply to Find Gator & Seti

      If you have hubs on your network, plug a machine into the hub and run Ethereal ( and sniff the hub for a while.
      Then you can use the packet capture to construct how much traffic is Gator traffic.
      If you use switches, then set up a span port on the switch, use Ethereal on a machine plugged into that span port, and do the same.

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