Find IP address by AD username?

By cgore82 ·
Well I've searched the web a few times over and can't seem to find anything. I'm trying to find some software (preferably free) that will tell me the IP address of a machine, given only the Active Directory username of the user logged into that machine. Anyone know of anything? Thanks!

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Not sure you can get that directly....

by robo_dev In reply to Find IP address by AD use ...

Using a LDAP browser tool like Softerra, I believe you could find the machine name being used by the username by querying the domain controller...then you could ping the machine name to give you the IP address.

I don't believe that you can directly enumerate username remotely, but I could be wrong.

With psloggedon, you can see who is logged on, but you would still need to ping the machine name to get the IP

So the long way around the barn would be to:

1) Enumerate machine names in A

2) Enumerate logged on users, using psloggedon,

3) Ping enumerated machines, to give IP.

4) Correlate logged on users to IP addresses, based on step 2 above.

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PSLoggedOn is perfect

by cgore82 In reply to Not sure you can get that ...

Thanks that PSLoggedon.exe is exactly what I need, we incorporate 4th octet of IP addresses into machine names so I won't even have to ping to resolve IP. Thanks!!!

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one other way

by lowlands In reply to Find IP address by AD use ...

I found works is to query WINS for a username. this however only works if the messenger service is enabled on the workstation, it created a [03h] WINS messenger record with the username.

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Find IP address / Host name from AD username...

by Readysound In reply to Find IP address by AD use ...

I created a "Lookup User (LUSER)" script to do just this. It works by querying network session information on remote servers (file server etc). It will need tweaking for your environment but hope it helps :

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