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Find IP for cisco switch

By elieser.rivero ·
Good morning,

i'm in a network where there are multiple cisco switches with multiple vlans managing over 800 systems. after getting the ip address of a system i use the nbtstat command to get the mac-address. what commands can i use to find out which switch that particular system is connected to?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Find IP for cisco switch

You would use CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol), Cisco Works, Netdisco or similiar tool, such as the documented LAN/WAN map for the environment.

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by BFilmFan In reply to

You could also connect to the router via the COM 1 port or use Solar Winds.

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by elieser.rivero In reply to Find IP for cisco switch

yeah, i've tried cdp and it works somewhat but sometimes it just lists the port channel under ports... believe it or not .... that's why i'm going through this headache, there is little to no documentation. So ever since we put the cisco switches (there were extreme switches before) in place that is what i've been doing, documenting everything.

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by CG IT In reply to Find IP for cisco switch

Cisco Works. will tell you every Cisco device and it's interfaces on your network [provided that it's a Cisco Works supported device. Some old routers [certain flavors of 2500s] and switches [certain flavors of 1900 catalysts]aren't recognized.

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by yasirirfan In reply to Find IP for cisco switch


Cisco Works fine with Cisco Devices , and CDP will discover the devices which are capable of running CDP protocol, in your case you need to find the IP address of the PC connected to each port of the switch, then you can use fluke networks optiview here is the link for this product

If you need any further assitance do let me know



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by elieser.rivero In reply to Find IP for cisco switch

Well, if i had the ip address then i would get all the info i need. but i only have the mac address and i need a command or software or something that can give me the ip address off the mac address. for example, nbtstat -a a.b.c.d (ip)gives me the mac-address. what i need is "command" aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff and get the ip address

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by mlalich In reply to Find IP for cisco switch

Cisco Works is your best bet as stated by previous answers, although it's an expensive solution, but WELL worth the investment. The following solution will be tedious, but will help. We assign our VLANS to the network it will be on, for instance our VLAN 40 is for our x.x.40.0 network. So we can narrow down which set of switches a x.x.40.55 address might be on. If I have the MAC for a system and want to know which interface that MAC address is currently connected to, I would go to a switch I know that IP address might be managed on and run "sh mac-address-table" or an equivalent command on that switch depending on your IOS. That will tell you MAC address to interface assignments.

Also you can use DHCP if your LAN utilizes it, to resolve IP to MAC resolution or MAC to IP resolution. DHCP always records MACs for every lease it gives out.

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by paulk In reply to Find IP for cisco switch

I do alot of network auditing so this might be of help;
Having the IP of the device ( e.g. Server )I want to trace on which Switch and Interface it is connected. From a Router on the LAN I type the command "show ip arp xx.xx.xx.xx" where xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP of the Server in question. This gives me the mac address.

Next I log onto any Switch and using the MAC address type the command:
show mac-address table address HH.HH.HH
This tells me off which Switch Interface the MAC address is being learned. If the Interface is a trunk port or uplink I just follow this to the next connecting Switch and repeat otherwise I know the Server is connected to the Interface outputted from the last command.

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sh arp

by nitujyoti In reply to Find IP for cisco switch
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