Find non Duplicate records in EXCEL

By cavazos212 ·
Hello, I'm trying to search two tables that have about 12989 records on them and that are supposed to have the same data on each other, but what seams to happen is that some people only update one table and not the other. I have entered both tables into individual column in excel column A and column B I have tried conditional formatting, but it only highlights the data that is not in the other side, but I still have to search through it and pull out the non duplicates is there a way to compare these two columns and have the data inserted into it's own column?

The data that I am comparing is alphanumeric and looks like this (ABCC CS 4698 T/C)

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by BigDave327 In reply to Find non Duplicate record ...

You can create a list of values that match columns A&B in Column C with a vlookup: =VLOOKUP(B1,A$1:A$12989,1,FALSE). You'll need to sort column A from A to Z (you don't need to sort Column B, but you may want to so that you can see how the two columns line up). VLOOKUP will take the value in Column B and return the matching value in Column B. When no match is found you'll get #N/A.

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