Finding a Good IT Development Firm

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The Company I work for is looking to start Phase II of a very big project. We have an IT department, I'm in it, but we decided to outsource it because we had so many other projects.

The contractor we used in Phase I has been a huge disappointment--buggy code, late deliveries, intransigence on fixing stuff--"Sorry that's out of scope...". No, I take it back, they aren't a disappointment; they *suck*!

I wasn't involved in choosing the company but the guy who did got references which were all good of course. Not sure what other criteria he used but it was only after work started that we began to hear bad things about them.

What I'm looking for is some resource for researching developement consultants beyond just references. We going to get code and documentation samples this time but I'm looking for some community / email list where I can post, say, "Anyone had any experience with XYZ Consultants?"

Is this the place?


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You never will, without sorting yourself out first

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Finding a Good IT Develop ...

"Intransigence on fixing stuff, that's out of scope".

If it's out of scope it's not a fix, it's a change to the spec, therefore a re-negotiation.

If you are defining scope changes as fixes then you are saying some of the bugs are in fact mis-specifications.

In house development is very different to external. If an internal customer messes up or changes their mind , you chunter, shrug your shoulders and juggle your priorities.

External you lose money.

Get the scope nailed down, never go near an external provider without a scope (nor internal if you want to be a success), look at phasing in scope variations.

In terms of straight bugs, more phased deliverables and review points, beta test it. If it is a bug they have to fix it, if it's a mis- specification pay for a change (most build in a fiddle factor for a few of these in the contract) .

If you screw up the scope, then you re-negotiate or defer to phase two (you may want to pay for the ground work so it can be implemented less painfully)

If it's all a bit nebulous and you can't dot the i's and cross the t's switch to an iterative/agile model or MoSCoW, set a an initial budget and juggle priorites.

Remember you get what you pay for. No software house is going to object to being paid for what they are doing now, with future business to come, which they are best placed to take.

Everyone of them will object to doing work for which they are not going to get paid. No software house will stay in business if they continually take a loss on new business.

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by kinna In reply to Finding a Good IT Develop ...

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