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    finding a suitable video card


    by markchip ·

    I have a couple of ex-industry mono monitors that I want to use for viewing digital xray images in my work. The monitors are Eizo FA-2090’s and run at 2048×1536 (max), 256 scale, 8-bit. The problem is that I can’t tell which graphics cards I can use as all the (obvious) reviews are of cards for video, rather than static, images – ie. games! Clearly terrific 3-d rendering, anti-aliasing and high frame rates are not relevant to me. What do I need other than high end medical system cards costing many hundreds of pounds/dollars? Nb. my pc’s support both pci and pci-e cards.
    Regards, Mark

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      by markchip ·

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      Is this the monitor you have?

      by 1bn0 ·

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      Note bottom line:

      Operation of the FA-2090 requires connection of two DVI-D cables to both of the graphics board’s DVI ports.

      It does list it as a full color LCD panel though.

      Edited to add: Link to manual.

      I agree with OM. Looks like two LCD panels in a single enclosure. Either two seperate video cards or a dual head. I do not see any MONO version of that monitor.

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      Have you tried just plugging them into a PC yet ? …

      by older mycroft ·

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      Best to ascertain that they actually work before deciding if you need to upgrade any graphics capability you may already have. 😉

      According to the Specs of these monitors:

      Input Terminals DVI-D 24 pin x 2

      …would suggest you’ll require more or less any graphics card with a dual output, although strictly-speaking not necessarily only DVI-equipped. You [i]could[/i] try using VGA-DVI adapters on the cable ends closest to the monitor connections.

      It is unusual in this day and age to find mono monitors, are you sure these ones ARE monochromatic?

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      This might be of interest to you

      by Anonymous ·

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      S3 Graphic’s Chrome S27:
      Targeting the $100 market.
      DeepColor Precision
      DeepColor 10-bit-per-color component rendering precision allows for 1024 shades of pure color or grayscale, compared to only 256 shades available using standard 32-bit display modes.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Nvidia quadro

      by dumphrey ·

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      cards tend to do better multimonitor support then the “gaming” versions of said cards. In reality, the key is simply finding a dual head card that supports the max resolution you want.

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