finding a wireless provider

By walkin'gait ·
I'm in a very remote area and need help deciding on the correct isp wireless provider. When it comes to cell phones, Verizon is almost useless out here, and Sprint isn't a lot better, BUT Net 10 and Cingulair seem to get a good signal, go figure?
Does anyone have a clue how to decide on how to decide what to do as far a computer service? My phone wires are so old I connect at roughly 19,000K and they have no plans in the near future to rewire so I'm pretty well stuck in that department.

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19,000K is pretty good

by seanferd In reply to finding a wireless provid ...

Life is just fine for me at 768k.

Or do you mean 19k? Might as well have 28.8k modem and dialup!

I suppose what you need to look for is signal availability, how much speed and bandwidth you want for the money they are asking (and what limits there might be), and how reliable the service is.

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duh I meant 19k

by walkin'gait In reply to 19,000K is pretty good

how do I find the providers? So far only Verizon is listed but I get a very weak signal from Verizon. I hate what I hear about Hughsnet and so far that seems to be my only options.

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re: How do I find the providers?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to duh I meant 19k

There's no way we could tell you what is available unless there's an existing member located in your same area.

Your best bet is to contact other people in the area, maybe even the City/County Government or, if there is one, your local Chamber of Commerce. Someone should be able to tell you what ISP's/services/companies are available in your area. Your own copy of the Yellow Pages (phone book) might even have some listed. Often, remote areas have a local TelCo which provides high-speed broadband access. You just have to find out the name of the company and call them.

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This'll give you a better idea ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to duh I meant 19k

Do what I just did - type wireless coverage, indiana into Google.

I'm getting 149,000 results from the UK - you may get even more doing it locally from Indiana.

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