Finding an accurate count of software in company

By geeksquad ·
How can we find an accurate count of a certain software? We did not package the software and have not kept track in Active Directory (Manual Install) We have no records of how many licenses have been used. Any suggestions?

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not sure about licenses

by SteveFacer In reply to Finding an accurate count ...

I am not sure if this software works for licenses, but it is called Belarc Advisor. It is a free tool that will provide you with all hardware, software, product keys... Pretty much anything you need to find on a certain computer, you can find with this deal.

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Try this instead

by danshea In reply to not sure about licenses

Belarc has to be done at the computer. It can not be done remotely.
Try one of these: - SysAid is IT management software - AppManager - PC Wizzard
Do a google search for asset management software

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This one is free for up to 100 PC's and 2 Administrators

by BP7226 In reply to Try this instead - SysAid is IT management software which will inventory the PC for Hardware and software assets. It is easy to use and install remotely and you get free technical support as well!

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If you are only interested in MS product

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Finding an accurate count ...

MS has a booklet & CD available that can be run from the Domain Controller or anywhere else called A Guide To Software asset Management that may be of some use.

I'm not sure if MS actually sells this but I have a couple of copies here which where handed out at different MS Partner meetings and they are good to run to see if you are within the number of Licenses that you have purchased. I've only ever used this with MS Volume License product so I'm not overly sure how well it works with other products.


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Free Tool (really)...and it works just fine for Inventory

by ijross74 In reply to Finding an accurate count ...

Spiceworks Introduces Free, Ad-Supported IT Management Software
Now that Google has proved the viability of ad-supported online software and Microsoft is reluctantly following suit with Live service, it's possible companies will soon see more ad-supported applications like Spiceworks.**101335

OR..get in WMI scripting with Scriptomatic!

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Finding software

by ben In reply to Finding an accurate count ...

Depending on the environment a good discovery and inventory tool can identify all installed software and report on any individual packages and where they are installed.

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