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finding an ip address

By planeboy130 ·
wqe used to go into the command promt and ping ip addresses, but then they blocked it. They also blocke d jaanese website called wujie that would give use the IP address to still go into the blocked sites. The school system around here is rediculous and blocks everything that we need to do our work. I was wondering if anyone knows any websites where i can enter the weeb address and it then feeds me back an IP address for the site?

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by Jaqui In reply to finding an ip address

use your isp dns server.
do a reverse lookup against it.

or even just do a whois search.
( hosting company is included in data, then look at ip assignments for your area, the authority will be able to tell you who has any speciic ip range.
any web search engine will give you whois searches.
and reverse dns lookup is the data that is listed in dns entries.

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by dryflies In reply to finding an ip address

You are probably not going to like this answer. While you may need some web resources to do your job, going behind the back of IT is not how to access them. you are putting your job in jeopardy when you violate the acceptable use policy and trying to go to blocked sites is almost certainly a violation. IT can, if they have the appropriate justification for doing so, unblock specific locations for a specific user/computer. If they bought filtering software that is not capable of that then they were very short sited and purchased an inferior solution. Go to them with the sites you need and your justification for needing to access that site. You may have to push a little to get them to allow access, but if it is a legitemate need you will eventualy win.

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