finding ip address from computer name

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There is an upcoming project that I am working on and trying to find the best practical solution. Let me try to explain the situation, there is a network that is subdivided into separate nodes by location; and each node is on its own subnet. The issue of concern is to add a mobile trailer with a computer and wireless feed that can connect to any node. The plan is to be able to place this trailer anywhere as long as it can connect through which ever node/subnet that is closet and can feed information back to a central location. This trailer can be moved anywhere on the network as long as it can communicate wirelessly through a particular node/subnet. The trailer has a windows computer on it.

So first thought is to setup the trailer's computer with DHCP so that it can obtain an ip from that particular subnet and communicate back to the central location. The issue is that once the trailer has moved the application has to know to look for it somewhere else.

The problem that I am having trouble with is how can I find the current ip by only knowing the computer name.

It would be nice to reverse lookup the trailer computer's dhcp address by its unique computer name. I believe there is a way to lookup ip address from MAC, but that will make logistics more difficult. It would be best to look up by computer name that way in the event of changing out computers the MAC is not tied to it.

When talking about looking up current trailer's dhcp address, this will be done on a remote computer that is not physically the same node/subnet as the DHCP/AD/DNS server.

Is there a way to send a query to the dns server and get real time status that the trailer's computer at location1 is not longer active and is now active at location2 with a different ip address?

Hopefully I am not making this harder than it is, but would appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thank you.

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See the news vans with those big Antennas?

by CG IT In reply to finding ip address from c ...

go with that. Better yet simply buy Internet access time to a satellite. That way no matter where the van goes, there's aways internet.

ah you still will need that antenna on the roof of the trailer through.

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by IC-IT In reply to finding ip address from c ...

When you do a ping computername
it will return the IP address.

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