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    finding MAC address


    by vpj2 ·

    if i will do trace route to some website from my home, and from the intermediate node’s listed ip addresses in traceroute list, can i find any intermediate nodes MAC address directly without using any sniffer??? how?? i have this question as a homework question in my college class assignment.

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      by bfilmfan ·

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      There are some programs out there to assist with ARPing a MAC address from an IP. is one of them.

      Note that some companies, governments, etc. view this as an attack on their network and will bring the full force of their legal department, cops, etc. down on your head.

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      by c-3po ·

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      First use Ping to create a connection with the device. Once the connection is made, use ARP -a to list these connections with the mac address.

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