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Finding Mapped Drives

By allan ·
Does anyone know of any software that can scan a network and identify machines that have drives mapped (to servers in this case).
The reason I'm asking has to do with things like the ILOVEYOU virus.If the virus hits a local machine,it also finds and infects the mapped drive.
As a security measure I'd like to find and unmap any connections.

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Finding Mapped Drives

by curlergirl In reply to Finding Mapped Drives

Hey - what happened to my 1000 pts?? I was in the middle of answering your question and you must have changed it...anyway... I don't know of any software that will find mapped drives, but there's a very easy way to remove all mappings on all networkclients using a login script. Create a script or add the following command line at the top of your existing script:
net use * /delete /y
This will delete all mappings and if there are any other net commands you need, you can place them after this line. But be careful! Some of those drive mappings may be necessary for certain apps to work properly. Hope this helps!

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Finding Mapped Drives

by allan In reply to Finding Mapped Drives

Thanks. I originally posted to the wrong forum and had to redo. Sorry about the lower point value. We currently are not using logon scripts but are preparing to start soon. I know the script will work but was looking for software that may help identify the mappings. That way I could select the ones I want to delete.

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