Finding the Public IP, Gateway & DNS Addresses?

By kurei1218 ·

To start off, I'm currently setting up a NAT router in my Server 2003..Part of the procedure is configuring the IP, Gateway and DNS Addresses of the external connection using the ISP provided details..

Where can I find these details?..I checked out the modem IP in my browser but I was unable to find these details in the modem's page..

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What type of modem?

by robo_dev In reply to Finding the Public IP, Ga ...

Many devices that look like modems are often simple NAT routers.

If the IP of the modems web page is 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x, it is a NAT router.

Is this a ADSL modem?

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More info???

by 1bn0 In reply to Finding the Public IP, Ga ...

What is your current setup?

Work or home connection? What type of modem?

Basic assupmtion:

1. IP address. THat would likely be the external IP of the device giving you internet access now. If it is a home connectoin it is likely DHCP and subject to changing at anytime. If you are on a business connection it may be a static IP. You should already have that information if it is.

2. Gateway address. Internal address of the device giving you internet access now. That is the address your computers would send information to if they determine the machine they want to talk to is not on the "local" network.

You can find that with a simple ipconfig command at a prompt.

3.DNS Your Internet Providers DNS servers. You may be able to find this information simply by visiting their website. Many modems proxy the DNS requests in tha same manner as a router. SOme will pass this through to the desktop. If they do it will also show up in the ipconfig output.

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Try This

by ITSPL In reply to Finding the Public IP, Ga ...

DO you purchase a public IP?go to cmd C
C:/ipconfig ,you got your ip.otherwise try
C:/ipconfig /release ip Then C:/ipconfig /renew ip.
same for DNS
c:/ipconfig /flush dns And then c:/ipconfig register dns.
Gurbinder Sharma

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Do you work for Hughesnet support?

by Ron K. In reply to Try This

I think that we've talked.

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by seanferd In reply to Do you work for Hughesnet ...

I had to refrain from replying to that earlier. I'm glad I did. Your response is perfect, and tell me a little about Hughes, which I haven't dealt with in many years.

There has been a rash of these sorts of "helpful" answers of late.

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