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    Fingerprint Recognition


    by cristianpana86 ·

    Hi all!
    I want to do as a final project an access system based on fingerprint recognition.
    The sistem should work like this:
    in the first phase the system would register few members, reading their fingerprint with a Microsoft Fingerprint Reader.
    IN phase two the system should indetify if a persons’s fingerprint exist in the database.

    I saw on internet many aplication using Matlab but i want to do an independent software wich not require instalation of Matlab.
    I search now for some methods (implementation in C or other langauges) of a method of extraction of caracteristics from the fingerprint photo and some comparision methods.

    If you have any other advices i would be grateful


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      reply to the fingerprint problem

      by aijazreshi ·

      In reply to Fingerprint Recognition

      u can use neural networks 4 fingerprint recognition.

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