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    Firefox 2 Spell checker


    by kiltie

    I am having trouble getting FF2 to stop flagging mispells of words like “honour”, “favourite”
    which are correct English
    (it objected to the above use, for example)

    Although I can “read” American, it is a nuisance, since I think and type in English, and I have my keyboard trained for that 馃槈

    I have the British English add on, so what am I doing wrong?

    Do I need Harry Potter to use a spell to invoke the Dictionary?

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      by kiltie

      In reply to Firefox 2 Spell checker


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      Kiltie: Did you…

      by techexec2

      In reply to Firefox 2 Spell checker

      Did you remove the American English dictionary from your Firefox? Or, perhaps you must move the American English dictionary down below the UK English dictionary so the UK one takes precedence.

      P.S. Harry Potter might be of help. Keep that option in mind. 馃槈

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        Your honour :-)

        by onbliss

        In reply to Kiltie: Did you…

        You just need to right click, select Languages and set “English / United Kingdom” as the default.

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      by dmambo

      In reply to Firefox 2 Spell checker

      Tools, Options, Advanced, Use the Languages button on the General tab

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      Unfortunately, moving the order of the dictionaries didn’t help

      by kiltie

      In reply to Firefox 2 Spell checker

      I can of course, remove the US dictionary completely, but that’s not what I am after.

      In the long term, I’d like [b]both[/b] dictionaries available, as I have an American significant other that I will make an honest women of, next year. We share our network, so it could be either one of us using it.

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        I found that after deleting the US English

        by hal 9000

        In reply to Unfortunately, moving the order of the dictionaries didn’t help

        I no longer had that problem. Actually I did that just after installing FF2 so I’ve never actually seen what you are complaining about.

        You can always do as [b]SWMBO[/b] would say well you are here in the UK so use the Kings English! She hit an Insurance Assessor a while back when he came out to look at the damage to the Ducati after a Social Worker had run it down and he said that he was thinking of buying one of these things but his then girlfriend got pregnant. [b]SWMBO[/b] just replied so what! Women are replaceable but when you are looking at something that they only brought 23 of into the country you grab one when you have the chance if you are really interested the woman will understand and agree with you.

        She also taken to opening my mail so whenever anything turns up that she’s not expecting she can’t prevent herself and opens it. One time some Ducati Side Covers turned up all dirty and in need of a polish so she grabbed the metal polish and had them looking like new by the time I got home. Have I got her trained well or haven’t I? :^0

        If I told her that something was turning up and she should polish it I would get it rammed down my thought but by saying nothing she can not help herself and just has to polish everything till it sparkles like new. 馃榾


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