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By avkoshy ·
One never realises that s/her is not alone in suffering the 'blues' of IE. "Good riddance to bad rubbish" was only heard of. "How Appropriate" is what I feel these days. :-)

As another person has said, Firefox does have its bad hair days, but on a note of comparison, the Firefox rates wayyyy higher than IE any day. For all one knows, the glitches associated with Firefox might simply be because I have IE still installed.

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Re: Firefox

by x_terminat_or_3 In reply to Firefox

What glitches are you talking about?

I have firefox on both Linux and Windows platforms and it works without a glitch!

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by mrafrohead In reply to Re: Firefox

probably formatting errors from those sites that are designed for IE and aren't w3c proper.

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Not too sure

by avkoshy In reply to

There are sites that use drop down menus without a go button. Which means that it is designed to access a linked page as soon as you select the option. Firefox doesn't do that. IE does. Small price to pay is the way I look at it. :-)

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odd . . .

by apotheon In reply to Not too sure

I've not had any problems with that, using Firefox. I'm guess you've been visiting sites that use some misfeature of IE to make broken Javascript work.

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firefox desktop producction

by sereso In reply to Firefox

I have firefox for default on 80 Windows XP platforms and it works without a glitch!

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by tr_waddell In reply to firefox desktop produccti ...

I was against the switch to firefox for the longest time it's just recently (about 1 month ago) that i finally made the switch and now that i have I think it's great! I have installed it on all my machines at home, 20 computers in my class at vo-tech and really i only have one problem with it. When I program I like to listen to music to keep me entertained, when i'm not on my home network i can't access my mp3 server so I go to launch and listen to my playlist when i'm here at votech. With firefox I can't use launch it mistakes it for netscape and says i must use a newer version. So i'm forced to keep IE on the machines i use so I can listen to my music, but other then that I use it for everything and I love the tab browsing.


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quick fix

by apotheon In reply to

Change the user agent string so that Firefox identifies it as something that will work for that (possibly even IE). There are extensions and plugins for Firefox that will provide that functionality, if you don't want to start hacking the registry.

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No problems now that out of BETA

by jdclyde In reply to Firefox

I did have a few things I didn't like or didn't work just right, but that was back on .9.

Now that it is up to 1.1 it works like a charm. Every system I own or work on runs Firefox as the default browser and I don't have any issues.

Next will be switching corporate systems (about 100) over starting next week. (just got approval from boss today!!)

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