Firefox 52 broken in Win 10 16170

By brianwall99 ·
Tags: Browser
My Firefox 52.02 is behaving very strangely since my Insider update to 16170. Dialogue boxes which lack critical buttons for example. I want to use the latest Edge browser so went to export my FF bookmarks to HTML. But the dialogue box didn't have a Save button. I tried again and this time the dialogue box was practically empty.

I am fed up with Firefox support too. Most of the FAQs are way out of date and are so simplistic it is laughable. Trying to find a way to post a query on the community forum was a nightmare too. Mozilla have clearly lost interest. There is nothing on their sites after 2016.

As for Edge, Microsoft seem awfully slow in providing it with even basic functions. I opened Edge and told it to import bookmarks from Firefox which it did, but it just dumped them in a folder. There is no way I can see to make those imported bookmarks my primary bookmarks. No way to drag and drop manually even.

Rant over. Can anyone advise please?

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