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Firefox (and IE) no longer remembering login information

By DonG43 ·
I had a PC that I installed Win 7 (32 bit) on (was an XP machine) and FF and IE. When logging into a site, I would be asked if I wanted FF to remember the data. If I answered yes, it remembered and I could just go to the site without logging in. I got a new PC with Win 7 (64 bit) preinstalled. I installed FF and thought I had the same setup done. But now, FF and IE will not remember my sign-ins. Even banking sites where they ask if this is a public or private machine. I check private, but next time, the site asks the same questions. Does anyone have any indications where to look for fixing this?

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Well that is not supposed to work that way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Firefox (and IE) no longe ...

So I would look at the Security Settings of Both or maybe even the OS itself and lower them down to allow the Browsers to remember the Passwords.

However it's never a good idea to remember On Line Bank Details as if someone else gains access to your computer they can access your Bank Accounts and take your money. The don't actually need to have their hands on your Computer just be able to access it somehow.


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Reponse To Answer

by DonG43 In reply to Well that is not supposed ...

I understand about on line banking details and don't have FF remember logins. It is the private/public PC questions that causes problems with banking sites. I keep saying I am on a trusted PC but it still keeps asking me the "secret" questions as though I were on a public PC. Also, Just signing into this site, I mark remember me for two weeks. It won't remember me the next time I access this site. Very frustrating.

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Different Login Methods

by lehnerus2000 In reply to Firefox (and IE) no longe ...

Some sites use different login methods (or change their existing ones).

FF remembers most of my logins (not my email though and I don't do online banking).
Recently some sites have changed their method/procedure and FF is unable to remember the details, despite selecting the appropriate options in the browser and on the site.

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by jjtoday In reply to Firefox (and IE) no longe ...

Have been acting up on IE8 and FF in recent weeks. I just haven't had time to chase it down. Since the last XP update I have reinstalled IE8 as a resolution, but to no avail. For a while it's just going to have to run its course. If I get it fixed I will advise you.

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try re-installing ff

by databaseben In reply to Firefox (and IE) no longe ...

the last time my pale moon and ff stopped populating the log in and password fields, i simply re-installed them, which fixed the problem.

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I ran into this when I upgraded to FF-12

by Datacommguy In reply to Firefox (and IE) no longe ...

I don't save passwords, but I do set the "Remember this PC" option for some sites to bypass the secondary security questions from the iVerity picture matching option. Those by the way, use a Flash cookie. FF12 seemed to ignore that "Remember" choice. To get back to the way it used to work, I had to set "Allow third party cookies", log in and check the Remember option. After that, even with the allow third party cookie option unchecked, it still works as it used to. Oh, and I also had to add those cookies to the CCleaner's Do Not Delete list...

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Reponse To Answer

by DonG43 In reply to I ran into this when I up ...

I just upgraded to FF-12 yesterday. This same thing was happening to me in the earlier version.

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