Firefox browser has been hijacked

By bolba02 ·
Hi Everyone,

It seems my firefox browser has been hijacked as I have noticed that I can observe it going to different websites and even doing google searches.

Does this require me to reinstall my entire operating system? I've run a virus scanner before but it doesnt seem to function well. Also, I've done deletions on the machine to see if it would take care of things.
Virus scans would be my first step, however, I am running Ubuntu 12.04 which makes me worry that it has been hijacked. Random searches are taking place and websites pop up. I googled around and it seems like it would be a hacker. This only seems to happen with firefox.

Thanks very much.

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Well Clamscan is the obvious answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Firefox browser has been ...

And if possible run it all a Live Disc or what is called a Boot Disc/USB Thumb Drive to properly scan the system.

That would be my first option.

Though Opening Firefox in Safe Mode and disabling any Add Ons that you may have installed is another option.


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