Firefox browser not recognizing css; Explorer is - what gives?

By v2bailey ·
can anyone give me a hint as to why Firefox doesn't display an html-formatted page...but Explorer is?

everything was fine up until three days ago - i've ONLY changed one setting in my control panel since then (file association for mht & mhtml) ...and have changed back to see if this was the problem but it doesn't (and shouldn't) make a difference.

any ideas..?

thx in advance!

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Idea #1 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Firefox browser not recog ...

*You could always just reinstall FF over the top of itself (you won't lose anything) and that might correct any corrupted code.

Edited for *

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re-installing FF

by v2bailey In reply to Idea #1 ...

thx - thought of that but held off until i researched more into the problem.

the only thing i found was suggestions on deactivating addons/extensions and re-activating them.

i also had trouble with one (of many) blogs also not displaying a stylesheet formatting. like my browser, the blog was displaying properly one day prior to this "gliche."

i ended up disabling all (WP) plugins and (FF) extensions and ...for whatever reason, this cleared up both problems.

wierd...cuz nothing else had changed on my end before or since the anomaly-and-fix.

still don't know why..??

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Firefox browser not recognizing css

by elviat In reply to Firefox browser not recog ...

I'm having the same problem and it's 2012!

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