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By nhiep_nguyen ·

I have switched to Firefox from IE and am happy with it until now.
But I have encountered a problem with firefox lately.
While browsing for news in some of the topics are shown as a blank screen with firefox while is displayed normally with IE.
Could anyone tell me what is the problem?
Thank you

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by DouglasB In reply to Firefox browser

Is it text you are not seeing or graphics. Do you have the same problem using Firefox on any other website?

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by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Firefox browser

The whole page is blank when it happens althought at the lower right coener it says "Done".
This happens from time to time on topics with no particular indication.
I have sreen printed tye same url with Firefow and IE but do not know how to include it here for you to see.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Firefox browser

have you tried deleting the cache in foxfire?

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by nhiep_nguyen In reply to Firefox browser

To Sgt_Schultz

I have not cleared the cache but after encountering a blank page display I got the normal display when clickin on another topic of the same site of

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by Oz_Media In reply to Firefox browser

Is it possible that those links are usinf FLASH or displaying Admobe PDF content that hasn't updated properly in firefox.

I found after I had picked up Firefox, I needed to reinstall Sun's Java, FLASH, and get the latest Adobe reader.

Can you paste a link you are trying that comes up blank?

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by caestelle In reply to Firefox browser

From my experience...most of Microsoft's website do not work properly when viewing them with an alternative browser like Firefox, this is because uses a lot of proprietary syntax.

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by glyall In reply to Firefox browser

some web site are made just for IE
some are made for netscape
some are made for both
some are made for other viewer
it also depends on what software they are using

not all browser are equal
that is why you need more than one browser

god luck

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by rkuhn In reply to Firefox browser

Google "kill bit for Macromedia Flash control".

It's probably disabled. Some programs like Spyware Blaster have a setting for this.

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by techrepublic In reply to Firefox browser

add the firefox extension "web developer" found at
When viewing a page that shows blank, but done, click on the (new) developer tool bar and view code. You will probably find, in the code, that it is a page built on the fly like .asp, using ActiveX, or php, or some or all of the above. There is also an extension that you can just click and 'display this page in MSIE' located here
Then when you see a 'blank' page in FF, just right-click, choose 'view in IE' and you're there.

Until MS changes the way they require code, (i.e. not standard W3) you will get this from other browsers. That said, you will be waiting till **** gets frozen.

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by nhiep_nguyen In reply to

Poster rated this answer.
It helps me thank you

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