Firefox browses IE won't

By p.ferme ·
Windows Vista. IE will not browse any sites. It starts then stops loading the site as if it has lost the connection. (which it hasn't). Firefox works perfectcly. I have done all I can think of. System restore. Removed security updates, set all settings for IE back to default. Stopped any firewalls. But to no avail. In vista you seem to have little control over IE. I cannot even browse the net using IE with no add ons. I get the feeling it is because of a change of ISP it seems to want to use the old dial up instead of the new router. Though I have set it to never dial a connection. Is there anything anyone can suggest to fix this issue?

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re: firefox

by ksmith In reply to Firefox browses IE won't

I understand that it is strange that IE is not working, but is there a special reason you need it to work? Personally I use Firefox for everything. If there is a IE specific task that needs to be run, I simply use the <a href="">IE tab</a> plugin that Firefox utilizes.

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by p.ferme In reply to re: firefox

I personally love Firefox but this is for a clients laptop and it would look good to be able to give them a solution to why IE won't browse. I want to reinstall or repair it but MS don't seem to let you. ?

Thanks for the IE tab info that is usefull.

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What occurrs when you attempt to repair or reinstall?

by seanferd In reply to Firefox

Do you get an error message?

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by p.ferme In reply to What occurrs when you att ...

This is what i am asking...How do I repair or reinstall IE in Vista?

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You can reinstall using the following link,

by ComputerCookie In reply to repair
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re: repair IE

by ksmith In reply to repair

Try This:

When I have more time I will try to remember what I did when I was having trouble--its been awhile since I have used IE.

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by p.ferme In reply to re: repair IE

I found the solution. It turned out the Kapersky anti virus program was stopping IE. I turned the anti virus program off but IE did not work. I uninstalled it and now IE is browsing. Thanks for your help.

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Perhaps you should change to AVG,

by ComputerCookie In reply to kapersky

haven't tried Kapersky in about 5+ years and can see no reason to use it.

Seen nearly as many problems with Kapersky as with Norton posted.

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You probably just need to allow IE

by seanferd In reply to kapersky

in the antivirus program settings, and a firewall if you have one. AV will stop programs that are sending a receiving data from the internet, for your security. You need to allow the programs you use.

Repair IE (for future reference):
Control panel > Add/Remove programs. Select IE, click add or remove, then choose Repair.

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