firefox download problems

By vinaygovind ·
Hi everyone

please can you assist.

i am attempting to download Xvid movie clips from a specific site, but the download cuts off..

i have un-installed the codec pack and tried loading an erlier version of the VLC media player..but its not helping.

I used to be able to download in the past when i had an earlier version of VLC , but im not sure what else to look for?

Can you help


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download or play?

by seanferd In reply to firefox download problems

Are you trying to play the file in FF, or are you trying to download it first?

If you are having problems with a plain download, the media player and codecs are irrelevant. You are either dropping the connection or getting cut off. Use a download manager (like Free Download Manager) which integrates with browsers. That way, you have a better chance of getting the whole file even if the download fails - it is still usually possible to resume. You can also check the log to see what happened if it does fail.

If you simply can't play it with VLC or another player, then the files are probably damaged due to being incomplete, or you are indeed missing a codec.

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by vinaygovind In reply to download or play?

im having probs just with the download , since its downloading in FLV format, i thought it might be the default player, the VLC player.. but that doenst seem to be the problem

ive also checked the configuration of the downloadhelper add-on but it seems fine

ive had the shark codec pack and it works perfectly but i unisntalled it but that doesnt help either

i have free download helper, but every time i copy a link from a site to download a movie, it doesnt download., also cuts off immediately ..maybe its not configured properly? not sure..

the site specifically is .. maybe y9u can try...

i never used to have this prob in the past , i always used the FF browser

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Something is up with the website

by seanferd In reply to problems

I can't get download links to work at all.

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by vinaygovind In reply to Something is up with the ...

so its not just me?

ive told the webmaster of the site and he keeps telling me the movie clips are encypted with a program that prevents it from being corrupted...

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