Firefox: everything disappeared

By brifd1 ·
I'm using Firefox for the Macintosh 10.4, version 2.0.1 or whatever the latest version is.
After an afternoon of surfing, I notice some odd things: when I type in a search in a Google toolbar and press "enter," nothing happens. I have to go to and do it from there. Fine. Minor annoyance. I can open the Add a bookmark window, but clicking the "Add" button does nothing. More than annoying. I close out Firefox. When I reopen it, everything's gone: bookmarks, toolbar preferences, passwords. Using their online help is tedious. It does state that this situation happens ever so often. Great. Eventually, I find what files that I should be looking for, and I try merely to copy over the new with the old. This works for the bookmarks, but for nothing else. Even the preset Google workspace - I forgot what that's called - is erased. Upon further exploration, I find the same set of files under Pictures, and it appears that every bookmark I ever saved is there, as a separate file. I look for an alternate browser, knowing that IE is not updated for Mac. Safari doesn't import Firefox bookmarks, so I begin - but don't finish - the tedious process of one by one and occasionally getting a group to move (from an HTML file of the bookmarks that I created, but which now shows as a Safari document instead of its original Firefox), neither does the much-heralded Opera. Any ideas for resurrecting Firefox? Or, is there a better browser for a Mac? This has never happened with any of my Windows machines (and I never thought I'd ever see myself writing that)!

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