Firefox Hijacking issue

By martinqc ·
Weird one here...

I run a search from the search box in Firefox
and i get redirected to a different search page similar to google, but not. any search after
that is normal. it's like I just get hijacked
on the first search and that is it. after a
reboot, once more I get hijacked then fine.
don't see anything in config or under add-ons
to explain it.

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You're right, that's wierd

by Tig2 In reply to Firefox Hijacking issue

On the heels of the most recent Firefox update I started hearing about strange behavior from a number of people. My fix so far has been to uninstall Firefox, use a registry cleaner like CCleaner (useful tool and free) and then reinstall fresh.

It isn't impossible that you are hitting malformed pages but I don't really think that is the core problem.

Remember that when using a registry tool you will want to make a backup of the registry prior to making any changes. CCleaner will prompt you to do this. It is also good to know that CCleaner is a recursive tool. Keep running it until it finds no more issues. After you have successfully rebooted your system, you can fry the backup of the registry you made.

Good luck!

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Please copy and paste the address

by seanferd In reply to Firefox Hijacking issue

from the address bar when you are at the hijacked page into a post here. I'd really like to see it, and it might help get you an answer.
Otherwise, you may just be getting the Firefox Google start page?

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Here is one hit

by martinqc In reply to Please copy and paste the ...

It changes every so often. I searched for goo as you can read from the link. This only happens from the builtin search box, not the google search bar. The search also hit also. It apparently cycles. There have been 6 or so that I think have cycled through

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Cleared it up.

by martinqc In reply to Here is one hit

I cleared it up by launching browser in safe mode (not OS safe mode). It gave me several options about scrubbing the profile without having to remove/clean/reload. The profile reset and recreation seems to have fixed this issue.

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if it happens again

by seanferd In reply to Cleared it up.

the computer may be infected. There is malware out there that likes to change your search engines, and these search sites have been seen in conjunction with malware. It looks sort of new right now, so there isn't a lot of info out.

Sorry I missed your prior post, my alerts for TR don't seem to be working well.

Hope your system is in the clear.

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thank you , thank you!!!!!

by donniedarko In reply to Cleared it up.

i was experiencing this precise problem. I was tearing my hair out and was about to throw the PC out the window when i came across your post.

Everything i did (as suggested by previous posts failed! I tried Adaware, Spybot, Spyblaster, malwarebytes, spydoctor and AVG8 ALL in safe mode with sys restore disabled and nothing worked!!!

Again many thanks for providing the solution - surprisingly simple but efficent./

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Oh no !!! Did Not Work

by donniedarko In reply to thank you , thank you!!!! ...

Unfortunatley i was too premature in posting the previous post. The so called fix is a temp fix. If Firefox restarts, I see the same issues. i.e.

when i do a search from the google search field in Firefox, a list appears.
However, clicking on a link in the list, instead of going to the website, Firefox gets
redirected to an Advert page or different search page or even to an ebay page !

However if i do a search from the AVG/Yahoo search field, the resulting
links DO NOT redirect me and take me directly to the website.

I have run Adaware+ Spybot + Spydoctor+ Malwarebytes + AVG8 in safe mode and with system restore turned off a number of times but still have this Firefox/Google search hijacker problem.

I have come across a few other posts on the net complaining about the same thing. The common difficulty is that to date no one has been able to remove the hijacker malware.

This is so frustrating !!

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