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By jimmy-jam ·
Can anyone tell me, it is possible for FF to open up with multiple tabs open at the same time?

With IE you can have multiple "home pages" that when you open up IE I can have and and etc open in its own tab.

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Yes, no and maybe.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to FireFox Home Page(s)

I've looked through the add-ons and haven't seen anything yet that applies. But, I haven't been through the whole list yet either.

There is a way though to make FF open multiple "home pages", sort of, if that's what you want to call it.

In Tools > Options > Main > Startup, you can set the "When FF Starts" option to "Show my Windows and Tabs from last time". So, if you had multiple "home pages" open when you last quit the program, those will open when you restart FF. Of course, that would take a little pre-planning on your part before you exited the program.

I'll keep looking around in the add-ons though and see if anything pops up.


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by TonytheTiger In reply to FireFox Home Page(s)

Where you set your homepage under tools-options-main... type in the pages you want, separating them with | (vertical bar).

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Yes and Yes (FF2 & FF3) ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to FireFox Home Page(s)

With FF2 instead of shutting down FF2 then shutting down your computer, just shut down your computer, with FF2 still active.

Next time you start FF2, you'll get a little dialogue box pop-up in the centre of the screen, telling you that Firefox was unexpectedly closed the last time, and would you like to continue from where you left off. By choosing 'YES' it'll open again with multiple tabs.

For FF3, when you commit to shutting it down, if you have multiple tabs active, you get a warning dialogue at THAT point warning you that you have multiple tabs open. When you confirm that you want to shut down it remembers this, and when you next start Firefox it returns the tab-count to where it was at shutdown.

In neither case do you have to muck around with your Homepage.

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Not Necessarily

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to Yes and Yes (FF2 & FF3) . ...

He wouldn't be "mucking" around with his home page; he would simply have the option of having several home pages open in each tab of his choosing, if he adds | between URL's in the Options for Home Page

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You Sure Can

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to FireFox Home Page(s)

In the Home Page area of Options, you enter your URL's you want to open in new tabs, with the | between each URL.

This idea of not closing Firfox down when you turn off your PC is absurd, that only opens the tabs that you currently had opened.

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Not necessarily ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to You Sure Can

It wouldn't be 'absurd' if your requirement was to retain active tabs, other than the ones you achieved by mucking around with the Home Page area!

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This is true

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to Not necessarily ...

but that's only good for going back to where you were at, before Firefox was forced to close. His post implies that he wishes to have several different home pages to open when he opens Firefox. You'd have him simply open the pages he wanted in different tabs, then just close windows down, when all he has to do is add a "|" between URL's in the options for home pages. Why would he want to force a shut down of Firefox, when all he has to do is implement my suggestion? It just makes more sense.

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It may be true but it was not requested ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to This is true

'Making More Sense' was not a condition of the original question.

By implication, if multiple Home Pages are organised via the Home Page options, they are likely to remain open at all times (being Home Pages).

Thus, my technique does NOT require the user to create them then "force a shutdown of Firefox", the user merely continues on with their browsing activities with the tabs active. Just as they would do anyway.

It's really just a matter of semantics, but let's keep this going - I'm enjoying the use of my brain again.

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So, Let me get this straight...

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to It may be true but it was ...

You'd have him open Firefox, (he wants two other pages open as tabs). He adds two more tabs (having three total), he then goes to each tab, enters the URL he wants for each tab, then goes on about his business, and instead of closing Firefox down normally, he would shut down Windows, so when he restarts Firefox, he'd get the message giving him the option to restore his tabs?

His original post was: "Can anyone tell me, it is possible for FF to open up with multiple tabs open at the same time?" I don't think he wants to do what you suggested; why would anyone want to do that? I think it's a great feature Firefox has in place, in case a PC is forced to shut down on its own; heck Firefox 3 gives you the choice to save the active tabs, when it's shut down normally.

I'm just not following you as to why it would be necessary to open several tabs, assigning URL's to each tab, and then allowing Windows to shut down Firefox. I'm very sure he is interested in having Firefox open several tabs for him, based on the URL?s he?s entered in Options.

Please elaborate on why your suggestion is better than doing what he wants Firefox to actually do; open Firefox with multiple tabs, based on the URL?s he?s entered in Options?

Let?s say you?re a news junkie, and you want CNN, MSNBC, and USAToday to open up when you start Firefox; now how would you do that? If we use your suggestion, we would open Firefox, insert two more tabs, and then open each tab, and enter the URL for each one. Leaving Firefox open, you shut down Windows, so you can click on Restore Session when Firefox opens again, thus taking you back to the last page you viewed on each tab?.Or you could open Firefox, go into the Options, and enter all the URL?s you wanted for Home Page, and separate each with a ?|?, that way, the next time you open Firefox, you have all the tabs to the websites you want opened, and you don?t have to leave Firefox open when you shut down Windows, and you don?t have to click on the Restore Session, when you start Firefox up. Now, doesn?t that make sense? :)

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Now I get it!

by PC_Techie, MCP In reply to It may be true but it was ...

He asked if Firefox could open with multiple tabs, and of course the answer is yes, because if you have multiple tabs open when Firefox is forced to shut down, then you can open it with multiple tabs. So, I guess from a certain point of view, you are correct; it is possible to open with tabs when forced down. But, that wasn't really what he was asking, was it?

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