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    Firefox problem


    by peterbakker ·

    When firefox opens a website this message pops up : Components, class cid has no properties.
    Firefox version 1.5 or 2.0 does the same thing, this happened after a reinstall and the reinstall was necessary after a virus problem Appinterconn.dll.
    Thanks Peter

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      by peterbakker ·

      In reply to Firefox problem


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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Firefox problem

      It looks like there is a problem or at least a missing key in your registry.

      Is this with any web page?
      Or, just those with Flash and Java content?

      Does this happen with IE?

      What about Mozilla Sea Monkey?

      I would start by re-installing Java and Flash and see if that clears things up.

      If not, on the assumption that you are running Windows XP, you should run System File Checker.

      Insert your Windows CD (or a slip-stream CD for the service pack you are running).
      Run SFC from the run box.
      Reboot and DO NOT boot from the CD.
      Windows will compare system files with those on the CD and replace files that are missing or corrupt.


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        SFC is a good idea

        by kiltie ·

        In reply to Registry

        in a little more detail:

        If you have XP, open a Command Prompt box (it’s in Accessories)


        [b]SFC /SCANNOW[/b]

        It will prompt you for your Windows System CD, if you haven’t already inserted it.

        The scan take about 20+ mins in my experience.

        If you have 98, run the system file checker, you can find it in:

        Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information

        Once that window opens, select Tools, then System File Checker

        Select Scan for altered files, then click start. (again you will either need your system CD to find the files to replace the damaged ones, or be able to point it at a folder in which they are).

        It does sound like a system file has been corrupted or is missing, this is a good way to check for that.

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      Have you allowed IE7 to be installed

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Firefox problem

      With the last set of Critical Updates from MS Windows Live Update service?

      If so that is most likely your problem and Chas is correct you’ll need to perform a Reg Edit to fix the mess that IE7 causes.


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      Answers to questions

      by peterbakker ·

      In reply to Firefox problem

      Happens on any web page.
      Does not happen with ie.
      IE7 not installed.
      What is mozilla sae monkey?

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        Sea Monkey

        by thechas ·

        In reply to Answers to questions

        Sea Monkey is the replacement for the original Mozilla Web Application Suite.

        Here is a link:

        Since IE works, the problem is with Firefox. I still suspect a corrupt registry key. But give a CLEAN reinstall of Firefox a try.

        Either make a copy of the file bookmarks.html or use a utility such as URL Base to backup your book marks.

        Uninstall Firefox.

        Browse to, and delete the contents of all of these folders:

        C:\Documents and Settings\{User Name}\Application Data\Mozilla

        C:\Documents and Settings\{User Name}\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla

        C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox

        Caution: The above action will delete all passwords, form data, extensions, plug-ins, and themes.

        Reboot, and install Firefox.

        If you still have problems, it is time for a registry expert to go through and clean up the keys related to Firefox.


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          Sea Monkey

          by peterbakker ·

          In reply to Sea Monkey

          Thanks I installed Sea Monkey on the clients computer and it works.

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