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Firefox sucks...(???)

By ozzy ·
First of all i m sorry about topic cuz i already know it is the "BEST BROWSER" i ve ever seen and it is already my default browser at home and at work computers that i got but... now i have a problem and would like to learn if anybody else face that problem. Today firefox started to suck(haha) my whole physical and virtual memory. Computer slow down and when i check task manager out i realised firefox got 600 MB of mem usage(?) i stoped and restart firefox and it was seeming allright but after few hours again it get huge! Current computer is a XP SP2 and got no late changes about software and hardware. And opinion d be welcome...

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by ozzy In reply to Firefox sucks...(???)

well i like to work with lots of tabs within 1 browser but thats one of the reason whys we all like mozilla no???

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by In reply to Firefox sucks...(???)


You already understand what is going on here. You're getting nominal behavior.

Each tab is like a separate browser. A browser is a relatively memory-intensive application due to all of the graphics on today's web pages.

If it is important to you to have many tabs open, you're going to need to ensure your system has enough real RAM to handle it. In your case, there 's nothing wrong with having 1.0 to 2.0 GB in order to achieve your goal. That's how I handle it. RAM is cheap.


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by ozzy In reply to

Well 2 browsers with 4 tabs (4x2), nothing extaordinary (shockwave or flash plugins) on those tabs. Isn't 600 MB kinda large for such situation? and i already know its keeping growing. I Just add previous comment to see if anybody is experiencing a bug related about a specific site or situation that they are using firefox. Lately i m making some tests. I f i happen to solve myself i ll give further details.

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by TheChas In reply to Firefox sucks...(???)

I started having problems with Firefox somewhere between version 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

While I did not have a memory leak, the browser would not always open up properly or fully shut down.

After trying numerous "fixes" I took the harsh step of nuking Firefox.

After uninstalling Firefox, I went to my user folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\default.fsq

And deleted everything except the bookmark and formhistory files.

Same for the folder Firefox is installed in under Program Files.

A clean install of Firefox took care of all problems.

I had to start up Firefox twice at first until it accepted the default theme.
I assume that a registry setting was left over.

I suspect that there was some issue with a left over file from an old extension.


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by ozzy In reply to

Thanx for cooperation and well its is seeming i ll also have to use registry editor cuz i already tried a standart reinstallation. Even if i didn't really get an answer that i d like to see, yours should be the best to wake me up and tell " lift your lazy *** mister!" Thanks

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by ozzy In reply to Firefox sucks...(???)

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