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Firefox Update to 3.5.8

By rkuhn ·

Updated to Firefox 3.5.8 and all of a sudden my homepage of has unexpectedly changed.

Anyone familiar Yahoo knows that the highlighted main stories are at the top with a picture and all other news is below without pictures.

Firefox is displaying the multiple stories at the top and the main stories with the picture at the bottom.

I have difference. I have closed and reopened change.

I open Yahoo with IE 7.0, Safari, Opera and Chrome and they all display the Yahoo homepage the same...main stories at the top with a picture and all other news below that without pictures.

Must be a bug. Can't be a rendering problem or standards compliance since Safari, Opera, Chrome and IE all display it the same way.

I clear out all temp files, history, etc...same result.


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by NickNielsen In reply to Firefox Update to 3.5.8

I'm not having that problem. Must be a local bug. :0

Or it could be the operator...

Seriously, though, as I said, I'm not seeing it. I get the hot story and the image headliners and scrollbar, then the headlines below that, just like always

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Not me

by santeewelding In reply to Weirder

I got me a screwed-up page since several versions back with my customized Yahoo/Firefox.

Used to be that when I clicked on a story that when I came back, I would be deposited in the place I left.

Now, I am deposited at the top of the page with no memory of where I was.

It's a conspiracy.

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Probably wiped out a cookie

by TonytheTiger In reply to Firefox Update to 3.5.8

Have you tried "Page Options" just under and slightly to the right of the "Web Search" button?

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by rkuhn In reply to Probably wiped out a cook ...

I ran CCleaner (which I do periodically anyways) and whatever it deleted that I didn't do manually fixed the problem.

Must have been some kind of cookie or temp file. I don't know.

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CCleaner will also

by TonytheTiger In reply to CCleaner

wipe out Firefox's saved passwords by default if you don't exclude it on the applications tab.

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Firefox 3.6

by TheChas In reply to Firefox Update to 3.5.8

Well, it might have been a bug.

I just went to the Yahoo page with Firefox 3.6 and saw what you described as the normal view with the picture stories on top and the text on the bottom.


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