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Firefox versus IE

By souter94 ·
Any companies out there just running Firefox as their web browser? How is it going and is their any reason to go back to IE.

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Switched to Firefox and mostly have not looked back

by In reply to Firefox versus IE


I switched to Firefox for security reasons a long time ago and have not looked back. I have essentially found that Firefox works with everything except:

- One website (a website management console) that I use that does some Javascript that works better with IE.

- Microsoft's website. This site has features that only work well with IE.

- Any site that uses ActiveX DLLs (I don't install these).

Except for this, I only use Firefox.

I do some website development and have done a lot of testing with both browsers to ensure compatibility with my site (Netscape, Opera, and Safari too). There ARE some rare obscure things that IE does that are not 100% compatible with Firefox. If a website uses those things, they will not work 100% the same with Firefox. Examples: A very few obscure things in Javascript. A very few obscure things in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Note: You'll find that there are a lot fewer differences between IE and Firefox than there are between IE and Netscape 7 (or earlier).

-----Steve Jackson

Software Corporation (Softcorp)
Advanced pro bono tools and utilities free for personal use

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Only use IE for testing

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Switched to Firefox and m ...

I've totally abandoned IE for my personal browsing. Like Steve, I use IE to test web pages that we are building; however, all of the sites and web-based apps that I use play very nicely with Firefox.

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Steve is correct

by j.lupo In reply to Switched to Firefox and m ...

Unless you are forced by some software that your business uses (like Track-It), firefox seems the way to go. I have had so many less issues since switching and I know the company I am at now prefers it unless they don't have a choice. We have a few executives that prefer Microsoft and want to remain a Microsoft shop. Of course there are those few that are fighting that based on security reasons.

Right now I would say Firefox and Mozilla are the way to go.

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Tried Firefox. Hated it. Still using Mozilla instead.

by stress junkie In reply to Firefox versus IE

Firefox may or may not be more secure than IE but it doesn't compare favorably to Mozilla. My impression of Firefox was that it was rushed into production. It didn't have the sophistication of Mozilla such as profiles. The security was not as finely tuneable as Mozilla. I was left with the impression that Firefox is a rank amateur effort.

I tried four versions of Firefox so this isn't just a one day assessment. I used versions 1.0.0 through 1.0.3.

Too bad for the 'Furture of Mozilla software" as Firefox is billed at The current version of Mozilla browser is very good. It will be a long time before I stop using it.

If you want to have a shock you should read the Mozilla developers' forum. The political infighting and deliberate avoidance of resolving known problems is at least equal to that sort of thing that I've witnessed at product devlopment meetings at commercial businesses, and it's disgusting. The forums are full of posts saying that this or that problem can't be resolved before version x.y.z of their product ships. God forbid that they delay shipping a flawed product. Their self determined ship date, which has no value to anyone, can't be slipped or the sky will fall.

I would rank the Mozilla/Firefox development process to be as flawed as any commercial product development. It's a wonder that Mozilla is as good as it is and it's no wonder that Firefox has a lot of room for improvement.

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FireFox > IE

by dmciltrot In reply to Firefox versus IE

I definitely prefer the useof FireFox over IE. I have been using it for approx. 6 months now and would not go back to IE. The only reason to use IE is for Microsoft Windows Updates. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't use it at all. Then again, with Linux I would even have that trouble...hmmm...

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Made the switch and love it

by jdclyde In reply to Firefox versus IE

I personally moved over while it was still .9 and used it until 1.0 came out. At that point I moved all 120 users over to the FireFox.

Before FireFox, I would spend about 1/4 of my time cleaning up malware and trojans that people were picking up with IE.

Since the change over, I have not had to deal with this ONCE! Ain't life grand?!?!

Only ran into a few sites that had goofy scripting on splash pages that this wouldn't work with, and the users that REQUIRE them have an Icon on the desktop that lauches IE directly to that page. All other references on the desktop and quick launch have been removed.

IE is now just for updates.

Wish Firefox could do windows updates!

I do use this on ALL of my personal systems as well as the professional systems and do the same for all friends/family that I HAVE to support.

See no reason to go back to IE.

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