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    Firefox vs. Edge vs. Chrome


    by kirschfamily ·

    I have recently installed Firefox on my PC because I don’t much care for Google’s over-intrusiveness and really only use them for email, YouTube and my phone (Android).
    My question/rant is this. Firefox (as well as Edge) are maddeningly SLOW to load and a game I play online (iRacing) used to give me close to 200 FPS, on Firefox I get about 75. Forget trying to load social media, maps (whether it’s Bing, Google or Waze) and most news sites. Why are two browsers who both claim to be faster than each other and faster than Chrome so slow? I have uninstalled and re-installed Firefox, run Firefox in safe mode and disabled the few extensions I have. My AVS doesn’t have any restrictions on them either.
    I also have Firefox on my phone and don’t have this issue there, whether I’m on 4G or home wi-fi, so it’s not my ISP either (Spectrum).
    Any ideas? I assume I have the most recent versions (at least for Firefox; it’s set to auto-update). I’m running Windows 10 64-bit (and I do have the 64-bit version of Firefox as well).
    I’d like to use Firefox for its better security, but right now, I’ve gone back to Chrome and just run it without being logged in.

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      by samgord ·

      In reply to Firefox vs. Edge vs. Chrome

      In my opinion GC is the best option.
      Never used Edge, but FF is also not so bad.

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      Best among Chrome, Firefox, Edge

      by gracehadid123 ·

      In reply to Firefox vs. Edge vs. Chrome

      I would say Google Chrome is best among others. As it provides robust connectivity.

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      by dylancooper300 ·

      In reply to Firefox vs. Edge vs. Chrome

      I choose Chrome because I have used all versions from the 2016 year and was satisfied. I also use the older versions (link removed by moderator) for other PC with Windows 7 and everything is working. Will be good if they will continue developing their browser.

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