Firefox..Large grey bar at Bottom of screen

By sbutrym ·
Please give me a hand with this..A large (1.5") bar has opened at the bottom of my FF screen. It is not the bookmark toolbar and F11 does not impact it. There is a very small red carat ^ in the lower left corner of the bar. Anyone ever seen this before? It is only in FF and appeared suddenly, ie I haven't consciously changed any settings recently. Thanks for any help or ideas

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Fix: Remove Google Photos Screensaver

by tim.mcgovern In reply to Firefox..Large grey bar a ...

I had this exact same problem and got rid of it by removing the "Google Photos Screensaver" add-on.

First, go to "Tools" | then go to "Add-ons" | then find "Google Photos Screensaver" | Click on it and hit the "Disable" button | close out firefox (including the "Add-ons" window) | Open up Firefox again.

I hope that helps!

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don't have it installed?

by jedalton In reply to Fix: Remove Google Photos ...

any other suggestions?

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Plugin Conflict

by j51507 In reply to don't have it installed?

I had this same error, and noticed that I had a plugin enabled for a program which I no longer had installed on my computer. Perhaps you have the same issue? This bar probably happens where there is some sort of conflict in the plugin--in my case the plugin was trying to access a program that no longer existed.

Try disabling plugins that might cause conflicts.

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I have same problem-HELP PLEASE!

by jedalton In reply to Firefox..Large grey bar a ...

I tried everything I can think of and can't get rid of it? HELP PLEASE!

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problem extension: tab mix plus

by tim.mcgovern In reply to Firefox..Large grey bar a ...

hey there, i just went through and disabled all of my extensions and the bar went away. I started enabling them back by halves until I narrowed in on Tab Mix Plus as the one that was causing the problem.

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Disable by one

by radz69 In reply to Firefox..Large grey bar a ...

It seems there are various add-ons/extensions that cause this issue. I disabled all, then turned them on one at a time. For me it was Customize Google 0.63 that was the offending add-on.
Hope someone else finds this helpful too.
Thanks for all that recommended disabling add-ons, you helped fix my problem too!

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