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    Firewall 1 muliple websites behind firew


    by paultheuma ·

    I’m running Firewall-1 with exchange 5.5 behind the firewall people can acess exchange via http but when i setup a site on a differant server with IIS i cannot get to browse it they always end up on the exchange server. I’ve setup NAT and routing and work station with no result. Can anyone Give me a step by step Procedure to get my hosting right.

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      Firewall 1 muliple websites behind firew

      by hasse mcse/brainbench ·

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      You need one internal IP for Exchange server and one internal for the IIS server.

      You’ll also need one valid external IP for each machine and then setup NAT in firewall to redirect to respective machine.

      If you do this you should be able to surf to the IIS machine by IP.

      In order to do this by name you need DNS names for the external IPs.


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