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    Firewall-1 with multiple websites behind


    by paultheuma ·

    I’m running Firewall-1 with exchange 5.5 behind the firewall people can acess exchange via http but when i setup a site on a differant server with IIS i cannot get to browse it they always end up on the exchange server. I’ve setup NAT and routing and work station with no result. Can anyone Give me a step by step Procedure to get my hosting right.

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      Firewall-1 with multiple websites behind

      by timber ·

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      I’ll briefly list the steps hopefully this helps if not e-mail me and I’ll go into more detail…

      1.Create your rule in FW-1.
      destination Source Service
      WEBServer Any Internet Services

      2.Edit the local.arp file.
      External IP Address MAC Address of FW-1

      3. Add your static route to your NT Server.
      route add -p ExternalIP InternalIP

      4. Apply your rulebase and stop and restart the Firewall Service.

      Hope that helps…

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