By wamgco ·
Gooday. I have xp and can't hook up to dialup. My firewall seems to be blocking it and I can't alter anything in the firewall, any suggestions.

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Run the Phone & Modem Options in the Control Panel

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to firewall

Under Classic View and tell the system that this is a Internet Connection. You could even make it your Default Connection for the Internet and that should cure your problem unless you are using some different Firewall other than the one supplied with XP.


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xp firewall

by wamgco In reply to Run the Phone & Modem Opt ...

Gooday. After I open phone and modem I can't find how to do it. Can you run me through it please.
Regards. Warren.

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If you use the XP Internet Connection Wizard, it runs you thru it.

by robo_dev In reply to xp firewall

The Wizard will set the firewall settings so that everything works, in most cases,

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by wamgco In reply to If you use the XP Interne ...

Gooday. I have done all those things and its still the same, when I click dial it says, verifying user name, error 6, the handle is invalid. When I click on the other connection it says all devices connected error 50 the request is not supported. Also no change in win firewall, can't turn on or alter.
Regards, Warren.

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error 6?

by balge In reply to firewall

don't know about error '6' as such,this might help

To check if it is the XP firewall (if thats what you are using) just try turning it offf

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by wamgco In reply to error 6?

Gooday I have done that, no change. The firewall is off. I can't turn it on or alter it. In advanced it says firewall on for dialup only.

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by balge In reply to firewall

you have a firewall and can't turn it off?
what firewall is this? If this is XP firewall it's just 'General' - 'Turn off Firewall'
Have you tried deleting all connections and re-installing?

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