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Firewall and FTP server

By lauralee ·
I have a small network... running NT 4 and want to install a good but affordable "hardware" firewall... any suggestions?
Also I want to set up an FTP server... where does that go.. within the firewall or before it?

I know I could upgrade to Windows 2000 but am not convinced that this would greatly improve my security.

Ideas... suggestions... warnings?

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Go Linux

by Chris A In reply to Firewall and FTP server

I wouldn't bother buying expensive firewall but get a copy of "Pizza Box Linux" which will also give you full web servers. A pc like a 486, 16mb RAM and a 1gig hard disk with 2 network interfaces.

Pizza Box will give you a good firewall if configured properly but it cannot be multiboot. You can have a internal and an external interface. Anyway this is what a "hardware" firewall is. Linux is rather easy to learn with "very" good documentation.

Good Luck and tell me your solution.

Chris Allen

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Lots O wasy to go...

by M.R. In reply to Firewall and FTP server

Linux wouldn't be a "Hardware" solution but many good firewalls do run on it. I don't trust Proxy or ISA by Microsoft but many use it. SonicWall, Cisco and a few others are hardware solutions but beware, some of these run small versions of Windows(DSL routers/firewalls). Where to put the FTP? Best put on a DMZ if you can afford that complex a setup. Outside leaves it open to attack and generaly not reachable by you. Inside you need to be careful about access and what you open to it.

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by vico In reply to Firewall and FTP server

If all you want to do is setup an FTP site, I would suggest getting the program SERV-U. It very inexpensive and very user friendly.

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