firewall/anti virus..cant help

By sez21mum ·
hi guys, i know that should really go to the bt forum and post but there is posts like mine already without any of the 'bt tech people' actually answering so i thought best try here as used some of suggestions before and found it best.

(from rec's here) i had spyware terminator installed. today i upgraded to broadband, to which should get the norton firewall and antivirus. i tried to download to which it would not allow me to, stating i had to remove anti virus/firewalls to be enable to due to causing errors if run more than one.

so i uninstalled S.T, and still came up stating same thing. so i uninstalled everything i had that could be causing it-ie crawler,etc still wouldnt. i turned windows firewall off,being totally open and fragile and yet still saying it...

have turned w.firewall back on but now thats all i have until can download norton from bt but wondering if you guys may be able to help me please as had nothing from bt.

thanks in advance

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Don't bother with Norton, it's not that good anyway.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to firewall/anti virus..cant ...

BT are offering you Norton because Norton/Symantec pay BT to do so. Once your 3 or 6 months free period expires, it is a guaranteed sale for Norton that you'll automatically sign-up thinking it's a good deal.

Anything that asks you to disable your firewall in order to allow it to download is suspect to say the least.

Forget Norton, users are leaving it in droves, due to it returning false positives, warning about things that are untrue (or incomplete). It is also notorious for slowing your entire operating system to a crawl more than occasionally.

Try AVG from here. It's installer won't ask you to disable anything in order to download it.

There are three options all available from the same site. Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware, Ant-Rootkit. Download and install all three.

After 3 or 6 months, AVG won't be chasing you for subscription fees either.

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by sez21mum In reply to Don't bother with Norton, ...

many thanks for that, in process of downloading them now.

just a thought- will using the standard windows firewall be good enough? or should i download a firewall also to be 'safe than sorry' in your opinion?

thanks again much appreciate your help

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Oops - forgot to mention . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thanks

Firewall protection - following on from AVG - I, and a few other TR members (that I personally know of) favour using ZoneAlarm.

Try this link:

You won't be disappointed.

You can use it in conjunction with the standard Windows firewall, or you can allow ZoneAlarm to disable it for you.

If you allow ZoneAlarm to disable it, you'll prevent Windows constantly reminding you that you've turned it off!

Do I get the Thumb(s) now ?

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A few other programs to try . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to thanks




If you have any other concerns, post back and we'll give you the non 'BT-keeping-you-waiting' response, as fast as someone notices you.

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