Firewall Appliance

By FredJ ·
Anyone familiar with an inexpensive firewall appliance that I can use that has some features of enterprise level. I want to get some hands on experience. Even if it's an older model.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Firewall Appliance

are a lot of free ones and some that are inexpensive out there. PC Tools has a free one. I recently went through this exercise. I used Google.

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Get any old PC, two NICs & whatever Linux you like best.

by Absolutely In reply to Firewall Appliance

I'm getting to like Debian over Mandrake. I've greatly enjoyed iptables, and enthusiastically recommend the book Linux Firewalls, Second Edition by Ziegler, publisher = New Riders.

In addition to providing example firewalls for many common scenarios, he explained TCP/IP and firewall principles thoroughly, and succinctly enough that this novice now sprouts off like I know what I'm talking about!

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Thanks for the tip

by FredJ In reply to Get any old PC, two NICs ...

In hindsight, I searched Techrepublic forums and came out with Smoothwall as a test option for me and thanks for the book recommendation, will try that too.

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Can you price it?

by Kron In reply to Firewall Appliance

What would or how much would you consider "inexpensive" ?

This would help to narrow down the field a bit.

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Learning perspective

by FredJ In reply to Can you price it?

From the perspective of learning - about $100-200 and just to clarify I am not looking for a personal firewall.


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Re: Firewall Appliance

by nio75 In reply to Firewall Appliance

Why are you not look at IPcop. this is a very good & free firewall software.

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