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Firewall basics ....

By navin_anand ·
Hi all
I am in the process of learning security protocols in networks. I have a few questions and hope some one might clarify,

if we are implementing packet filtering,

how do we really set up the fire wall to allows only a certain sites ( ie HTTP Requests ),
further, if we have an attack on the network and some one is pumping forged packets by establishing his identify as a router, how can the fire wall detect these forged packets.
moreover, when if i have a VPN, how can I can login thro the network and other non-registered users cannot.

and what happens to the mails, how do they all get routed in without any trouble.

I am sure some of the questions could be very basic, but I have just began going over this topic andwill be using this in my project, so will appreciate any information or techi article web site.

I did understnad HASH and RSA Algorithms, but the above few questions kept bothering me.

Thanks again

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Firewall basics ....

by Frank-MW In reply to Firewall basics ....

Http in firewall is easy. Use the firewall's web interface to redirect port 80 traffic to your webserver (internal IP address) and include port 443 for HTTPS.
Same for any other service you need to have opened.

Your router cannot tell if packetsare forged. An attack is an attack. You better be ready for the attack. The more money you spend on a firewall, the better they are at at detecting the pattern of an attack!

Buy a VPN router and connect to it with a VPN client (software) via the internet over any web connection.

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