Firewall Blocking my MSN

By s_lafortune ·
Just to start, im clueless with computers, just want to state that right away. I need some help. Currently, my msn seems to be blocked by my firewall. I have no idea why its happening. When i turn off my Norton Firewall it still wont sign in. Have tried uninstall and then re install. Can anyone suggest anything else?

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How about some information for starters

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Firewall Blocking my MSN

Like what Operating System is in use here?

Is it fully patched?

Which MSN are you using?

Have you created an MSN Account first?

How are you connecting to the Internet and more importantly are you actually connecting to the Internet?

What is the version of your Norton's Firewall?

Again is this fully updated?

Post back with the answers to the above and we'll attempt to help you solve your problem.


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if it doesn't work with firewall off

by jdclyde In reply to Firewall Blocking my MSN

then you have a different problem.

uninstall the msn and then reinstall it.

have there been any other changes to the OS?

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