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    Firewall Configuration help needed


    by whatme? ·

    I would like to set up a hardware firewall, specifically a SonicWall 100 with a DMZ. My existing configuration may make this difficult though. Does anyone have any recommendations as to how I can accomplish this?
    I have 5 separate physical sites, each with a DC w/DHCP,DNS and global catalogue. All sites including the routers are private addressing and routed to only one site with an IP gateway. I have a limited number of valid IP addresses to use for my DMZ. Now physically, I only have one circuit coming into each site. At site 5 (my Gateway) I still only have one circuit coming into the building.
    Addressing as follows:
    Site 1. router:LAN into my DC:
    Site 2. router: LAN into my DC:
    Site 3. router:LAN into my DC:
    Site 4. router:LAN into my DC:
    Site 5. router:LAN into my DC:
    WAN ?
    Site 5s circuit only comes in on one Ethernet circuit so I don?t know how to configure my router to the sonicwall without adding another complete circuit for the firewall.
    Does this make any sense? HELP
    email me for more info if needed.

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      Gateway router

      by milstar ·

      In reply to Firewall Configuration help needed

      Let me see now, you have say a 4 port router with one WAN connection. Is it not possible that the settings should be all links are the same IP however all have separate submasked addresses.
      ( assigned subnet address , then next would be the , ect?)
      I use NAT firewall, that is Network automatic translation where the gateway configures the sub gateway mask itself.
      If, you have much a problem install software firewall on the individual LANed computers andthe primary computer to which the gateway was set-up Cloan the MAC: address to the gateway router.

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        single ports on routers

        by whatme? ·

        In reply to Gateway router

        Just a single port on each router. Each router is at an individual site. That is my problem. the other 4 sites are routed to the 5th site which then uses the same incoming circuit to route out to the internet. I am trying to avoid buying a complete separate wan ip gateway circuit.

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