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    Firewall & Exchange Server Delays


    by eric ·

    We are attempting to run a Watchguard Firebox x5 with Exchange Server 2003. The server reports delays or undeliverables on most messages although some do get out. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with mail getting in, however we have not been able to leave the appliance in place long enough to really test that theory. Exchange is currently running fine with an SMC Barricade but that hardly provides the security that we need. We have tried everything that Watchguard has suggested to no end. We are connected to a static IP via Verizon DSL if that matters.

    Any suggestions?

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      by cg it ·

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      Why doesn’t the Barricade provide the security you need? It’s a router with NAT and has a firewall so that ports are blocked unless specifically opened. If you want stateful packet inspection, you’ll need something more sophisticated than the Barricade but there are better solutions than a Watchguard Firebox. Sonicwall TZ 170 or Symantec’s 360 can fill the bill and if you really want a secure network and have $$, opt for a rackmount ISA Server 2004.

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        Reply To: Firewall & Exchange Server Delays

        by cg it ·

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        ha didn’t answer your question.

        Foward port 25 for SMTP mail from the Watchguard router to the specific server hosting Exchange 2003.

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      X5 connection problem

      by phuveldt ·

      In reply to Firewall & Exchange Server Delays

      Have you looked at the connection speed on the x5, do a thru put test and see that it is with the x5 and then with you SMC box, they should be the same, if the x5 box is slower then look at the ethernet speed on the x5, try the manual setup for the speed of the DSL modem. and retest. should fix the thru put problem…

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