Firewall logging https traffic?

By Gigglebot3000 ·
Wondering how to log https traffic, I know some firewalls have the capability to do this, currently I have a higher end NETGEAR router with built in firewall, I know this logs data but is it possible to generate full https urls out of this? Even the more complicated methods may help as I have access to a few tech genius friends, and if possible to avoid spending money on more software, or downloading anything, is there any way possible to generate full https urls from NETGEAR router firewalls at all? Thanks!

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HTTP logging

by J2B2 In reply to Firewall logging https tr ...

Firewall logs will typically only record the ports and packet status of the requests, not the URLs.

The easiest way of recording the URLs being requested is to set up a web proxy (eg Squid) on the gateway, or in some other configuration that prevents open access to the Internet unless though the proxy. That will then log all http and https requests being made on your network (and other requests besides).

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