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Firewall Needed

By jlbpotter ·
I am wanting a low cost solution for a Firewall for my network. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there any way to install something on a server and use a software firewall instead of a hardware firewall. What are the pros and cons of these. Thanks in advance.

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by Lizzy In reply to Firewall Needed

There are several good firewall programs out there depending on your budget. Zone Alarm and Black Ice come to mind--do a search for either of them on the web. Zone Alarm has a free trial download, but I know someone who hosts a web site that likes the professional version of that.

As to the pros and cons of hardware vs. software firewalls, I think that a combination of the two are necessary for improved security.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Firewall Needed

Software firewalls such as black ice are OK, but avoud the free ZoneAlarm, it is a MAJOR pain in the ***, it's not resourceful and you will have nothing but problems with it. I USED to install it on machines a few years ago, but instead of improving, it has become mroe cumbersome and people HATE it and finally remove it. Sygate free, same thing.

I use a hardware firewall that's just a Port Address TRanslation built into my router and it works fine for me. I run Novell servers and these all use PAT so I remove it from any routers I install and rely on Novell's PAT.

If you have a broadband modem chances are you have PAT on it, if not, a somewhat decent router/firewall is less than $100 and will have PAT inclusive. Easy and not neccessarily the most solid firewall but effective enough in most cases.

Unless you are willing to BUY decent firewll software, the freebees have turned into garbage.

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by jlbpotter In reply to

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by peeyush_maurya In reply to Firewall Needed

firewall for which OS

i use sygate (free version)and it work fine but dont has advanced feature.

use iptables for linux or guidedog GUI

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by jlbpotter In reply to Firewall Needed

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