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Firewall on XP

By subhashanarayan ·
I have ADSL connection on windows XP,. Norton antivirus pops up gives this message "unable to send email message".It gives hundreds of this message and machine crashes. I am using this for browsing purpose only. We are not sending any mails, it happens from outside, may be trying to relay the spam. How can I protect. I want simple solution.

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by ChrisDent In reply to Firewall on XP

There are a number of personal firewall programs that will block unauthorized access to your computer. Here are some examples:

Zone Alarm - (free for home use)
Tiny Personal Firewall -
Norton Personal Firewall -

However, I personally think you should take a look at the cause of those messages a little. It could well be that you have a virus on there, worth checking the virus definitions are up to date and running a system scan.

Likewise could be that you are running an SMTP service on the machine. If you are only using the machine for browsing then this is unnecessary and should be removed.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Firewall on XP

open your Norton Anti-Virus and from Email options, uncheck the boxes any email clients such as Outlook and Outlook express.

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by hewholaughslast In reply to Firewall on XP

Greetings to you.
I've been running xp for sometime now. Got a friend at Microsoft who put me right.
Some anti-virus applications are just too heavy, take up too much space. The best combination to use for xp set up is as follows, best of all it's all free. Go to zone alarm and download the free version, brilliant fire fire wall. Go to Grisoft and download free avg, brilliant virus catcher. Go to Lavasoft and download free Ad-aware 6, brilliant spyware. After you've downloaded this combination nothing can get through after proper configuration. Play around until you figure it out. Last but not least, go to Gibson research and check out the patches and advise this guy has. Brilliant fellow, even answers your email enquiries. This site also has links to other handy utilities and tips. When ever you download or uninstall any programs from your xp, CREATE A RESORE POINT, xp is the best at the moment but then again it is microsoft. Good luck.

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by Kumaran In reply to Firewall on XP

This looks to be a problem with NAV 2002. Even if the version is not a match, it's worth reading the post to solve the problem.

Please check the post on Symantec NAV website:**5340006&nsf=nav.nsf&view=docid&dtype=&prod=&ver=&osv=&osv_lvl=

This should help.

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by subhashanarayan In reply to Firewall on XP

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