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firewall problem

By muudang ·
This is also management problem. I'm a web designer. I usually look for tips & tricks of flash action scripts in internet for my company's assignment. The place I like most is One day I found that it was block by a firewall of mycompany. Which it was never happen before. I tried to ask the manager to tell the admin jerk to do something. But that jerk denies he's done anything. need some sort of proof that the blocking should not happen. How the firewall works on blocking. Then I can talk to my boss about it.

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firewall problem

by fred07 In reply to firewall problem

If blocked by firewall it will be listed in 'blocked' in firewall "blocked programs" .

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firewall problem

by philldmc In reply to firewall problem

I use websense at my work also known as a Employee Internet Mangnment(EIM) program. It is not a firewall, a firewall prevent outsiders from looking within. The EIM prevents clients from viewing certain sites.

Make sure he is not using a EIM software.

More info on a EIM software go to

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firewall problem

by robert.hawley In reply to firewall problem

The best way to determin if it is being blocked is to go to a web proxy site lige or any ohter free proxy (this one has no pop ups or ad ware or any other anoying stuff)
and type the url in there. if it goes to it then you know that the EMI software, or a firewall is blocking you. Most new firewall software automaticly block sites according to a default list. Most network managers that do not read, just install, usualy accept the default settings. This could be the prolem. Or the site itself could be blocking you.

The best way to tell is to proxy out and see if it works if it does, then you know the fault is local, if not, it is somewhere else.

Usualy network managers block sites due to information leeching, and hacking attempts, etc. check with them to make sure the site is safe for viewing.

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