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Firewall Setup on Windows 2000

By kahine ·
Hi, I'm working in a company as a programmer. Recently the company had been having some problems on their security so I decided to propose the installation of another server which didn't run on our LAN so the security problems could be fixed. They accept my purpose but now I'm dealing with another problem. My knowledge in computers is very good, I have installed networks before but never entered in the security setup. I know how Firewalls work but the company I think needs more than a simple Firewall.
The company recieves important information from various sites and this information have to be secured. Some sites don't have their own servers or can't install a VPN connection with us.

As soon as the information reaches our server we have a permantent connection with our LAN Server which processes their information. The connection established with our LAN Server is secured and also the information running through this connection is encrypted. But if somebody else could get inside this new server could also get inside our LAN Server. So we have two issues the first one is that the information from the sites come secure to this new server. Second nobody else from a list of sites could have access to our server.
I've been thinking of installing a Firewall but I don't know is this is the best solution. If so which should I look for. Another idea was to send certificates to the sites connectiong to us so we could authetify them before they enter our server. If this could be done how could I do it.

Please if you could help me up I would really appreciate it.

Thank you

Best Regards

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Firewall Setup on Windows 2000

by shmaltz In reply to Firewall Setup on Windows ...

You need 2 things.
1. Network Security
2. Data Security
For network security you use a firewall. The best way to setup a firewall is using a hardware solution (cisco, or 3com and many others)and not a software solution.
For data security you will need encryption. You can go with VPN or SSL (if its over http).
A firewall gives you the option to set up any way you want it, to block any address you want. Also from what you ask I understand that a local server per request from a public server is being accessed by the remote users. You did not however mention how. If the way it accesses this local server is thru an application on the public server, but not directly from the outside (clients computer), then if your local server is secure from other points of entery ther should be no problem. You can even test such a thing by blocking all ports on the firewall to the local server then try to use the public server from the internet you to update the local server if the local server can be updated then its being accessed thru the public server and not the clients machine. Which means that from a network security point that server is secure.
I hope this is enough info.

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