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Firewall Trouble

By ian_gendreau ·
Maybe someone out there can help with this. We are a 100-person company that has been bought out by a much bigger company. All our internet access now goes through them via frame-relay. Obviously they have their firewall checking all kinds of stuff, but technically, our users can get to any site, including pornography or gambling(it'll show up on a report though). However, the firewall doesn't seem to let us connect to useful servers for 3rd party apps, like ICQ or ScourExchange. We have immediate needs for both programs in our company, ICQ for messaging, and Scour for media clips for presentations. Is there a way around this? Is it a configuration problem with the 3rd party app? Or do we have to talk Big Brother into letting us through? Any help would be great... thanks...

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The pains of acquisition

by rodney.scroggins In reply to Firewall Trouble

Hello Ian,

My name is Rodney and I am with Exodus Communications, Inc. It depends on where your Internet pipe for the users are at. If everyone home runs to the Frame Cloud, you're done. If they (the parent company) controls the Firewall and are not allowing TCP & UDP traffic for dynamic high-numbered ports, you will not be able to source correctly. Thus, not allowing you to return the packet correctly. In addition, if you have an ICQ server in your internal network then you would have to open port 4000. And I can guarantee you that if your new company is security conscious they will not allow it. It is too easy to cause a DOS on the box. You will need to find out about your other apps. Hope this helps.

Rodney Scroggins
Senior StaffConsultant
Professional Services
Exodus Communications, Inc.

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Some ideas

by netw3 In reply to The pains of acquisition

Sounds like you'd better go through the proper channels to avoid trouble and pitfalls.

A technical solution does not seem to be the answer here, as any bypassing of their controls could be a violation of the security policy.

Good day,
Curt Wilson consulting

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icq isn't a good idea unfortunately

by ju2001 In reply to Firewall Trouble

Is there away your company can operate without icq ?

ICQ won't work behind firewalls, and nor should it. ICQ is a not a good idea if you want to keep your networks secure.

It also depends on what devices are between your network and the internet, is it an NT or Linux box or is it a router (hardware) that will dictate what configuration options are available to you.


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