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By prestwood_32 ·
I am in desperate need of a firewall. Any recommendations? I would prefer one that is free but if I can't get a descent one then it is okay. Thanks!

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LAN or own PC ?

by azhamr In reply to Firewalls

If you want to configure it for LAN go for Linux. If you are new to Linux there are plenty of website that offer resources of how to configure linux firewall. I would recommend Shorewall for. You just have 1 PC to be the Internet gateway with 2 NIC, one connection to the modem (eth0) and other one to the switch for your LAN (eth1).

If you want firewall for windows based pc, the are alot of free firewall out there. just do some checking on any search engine or you can go to and serch for "free firewall"

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FreeSCO or Checkpoint

by ssgduff In reply to LAN or own PC ?

If you looking for a free Firewall I have a great success with Freesco ( really user friends running on a stipped down linux os. It does all of the things most of your major players can do.

Commerically look into Chekcpoint. Yep, they are pricey, but 97 of top 100 compies in America use it. If your a point and click kind of guy you can install it on a Windows 200 machine, just make sure your harden it first.

Best of luck to you.

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by apotheon In reply to Firewalls

Go with IPCop. It's a Linux distribution that can be installed on old hardware with very little effort and anguish on your part, and it provides an extremely effective firewall implementation (better than much of what's available as a firewall appliance at CompUSA and the like). If you're running Linux as your primary desktop system, whatever installation you're using probably includes firewall functionality (in the form of iptables, perhaps with some user-friendly GUI management pasted over it) as well.

Even if you are using Linux (or BSD, or whatever other Unixy OS you might be using), and even if you were only asking about software firewalls, I recommend setting up a separate, stand-alone "hardware firewall". At minimum, use a cheap black-box firewall appliance you can get retail for less than $100 (how much less depends on how cheap you want). Far better: install something like IPCop on a computer that you were previously thinking of throwing or giving away.

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by Choppit In reply to IPCop

IpCop is a pretty good distro. I've run 1.3 for the last 10 months with no problems and am currently building a 1.4.2 box. Also consider Smoothwall Express

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wintel ? get sygate.

by WilliamSanders In reply to Firewalls

LEAN program ..
get the personal version - try it and see if it works for you.

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